In physics, inertia is the idea that objects in motion will stay in motion and objects at rest will stay at rest unless and until they are acted on by an external force.  Colloquially, inertia is a bit fuzzier a concept–we skip the whole “external force” bit and just say that objects (or people) in motion tend to stay in motion and objects (or people) at rest tend to stay at rest.  Regardless of whether we’re looking at the scientific definition or the layperson definition, I have a lot of inertia, (or I experience I lot of inertia? cause inertia isn’t a noun, so you can’t have a lot it?).  Semantics aside, I seem to be an all-or-nothing kinda gal.  For instance, this weekend I spent Saturday running all around downtown Boston.  I went to the Planned Parenthood rally, walked to and around Faneuil Hall, discovered there’s a Black Heritage Trail in Boston, got lunch at Quincy Market, walked to a CVS a quarter mile away to buy lactaid because didn’t have any with me and had already bought the most delicious hawaiian pizza bagel at Quincy Market, walked back to Quincy Market to eat said delicious hawaiian pizza bagel, sat in a starbucks for an hour reading a book, then walked to the Boston Public Market for a date where I walked around for about 2 hours.  As my nephew would say, it was a GOGOGO kinda day.  Once I started moving, I didn’t stop til it was time for bed.  Sunday, however, was the precise opposite.  I barely got out of bed.  I spent all day sitting, watching netflix, and cross stitching like the 85-year-old woman I’m not, barely walking back and forth between the bathroom and the kitchen.  I had big plans for laundry and dishes and other general around-the-apartment chores and stuff-doing.  But I didn’t get going and then I couldn’t get going.  I was a body at rest and dammit if I didn’t stay at rest the whole day.

I wish I could be a person of moderation–that I could do a few things and then rest or rest and then do a few things.  But it seems like that’s not my path in life.  At least for the time being, I’m a stuck in this binary rut of either GOGOGO or total and complete couch-potato-ness.  But admitting you have a problem is the first step towards recovery, right?  So here it is: I have a problem with inertia.  I knew I hated physics.


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