On Silver Linings

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about whether or not I should allow myself to find a silver lining for Trump’s presidency.  On the one hand, I think he’s an all around awful thing for our country.  I don’t think he has any redeemable qualities or policies.  He is a hateful human being and a sociopath who conned the American people into believing he would speak for them.  On the other hand, Trump’s path to the presidency has motivated previously politically inactive people, including myself, to become involved in activism and the political process.  But every time I think about that silver lining, I start to wonder if my ability to see it comes from a place of privilege.  Are my LGBT friends, my colleagues of color, or my immigrant acquaintances able to see that silver lining?  If I can find a positive in this situation does that make me an optimist or an enabler of the oppression that Trump represents?  I want to believe that something positive can come out of this presidency because without that hope I struggle to keep moving.  But I’ve been wrong before–I  wanted to believe that there was no way that Americans could elect a man so obviously and objectively despicable.  But here we are.


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