My Stress is My Strength

A week or two ago, I was searching for a TEDtalk to send out to my students relating to stress and stress management.  I wanted to find a way to ease their minds and help these first year students to approach their second semester midterms with clear and calm minds.   What popped up was the talk below.  Watch it.  I’ll wait.

Now I’ve done a lot of reading and thinking and experiencing related to stress in my life.  I consider myself someone who had a good working knowledge of the physiological, psychological, and academic effects that stress has on people.  But this talk showed me a new perspective and gave me a new motto–my stress is my strength, the title of this blog.  And this is a good thing now.  Or at least that’s what I’m trying to convince myself. As with much in my life, it’s a work in progress.  As is this experiment into blogging.

Which brings me to why I’m here.  I’ve had so many things whirling around my mind recently and no outlet for them.  I went from writing a half-dozen 10 page papers a semester in grad school to writing nothing longer than an email or Facebook post.  And I missed it–the process of recording my thoughts, pushing them around until they become ordered and, hopefully, somewhat logical.  I missed that writing requires me to force myself to think beyond the surface level and to explore the deeper aspects of what I’m thinking.  It’s a chance to really examine politics, society, psychology, and myself in a meaningful way.  It’s a way to manage my stress and turn it into something positive.

So I’m going to start writing again and see what happens.


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